Luck of the Irish: How to keep skin healthy before a night of drinking

Happy St. Paddy’s, beauties! If you’re in Michigan like me, you can’t stop smiling because the sun is out, you can hear Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphy’s everywhere you go, you’re wearing green to avoid getting pinched and you’ll likely consume a bit of green beer today.

Before heading out to join the festivities, here are some simple tips to keep your skin healthy through the day and avoid a green face in the morning:

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Skin Emergency: FAB Ultra Repair Cream Review

We officially sprung forward this past Sunday, and Atlanta warmed up enough this week for this Southern Nerd to bust out her flip flops…briefly. However, today’s temps in the low 40s remind me that Old Man Winter has not yet taken his seasonal final bow.

Cue the giant sigh. After this winter-that-just-won’t-end, you can also cue the dry skin. Really dry skin.

My thin (and very sensitive) southern skin doesn’t fair very well in the winter. With months of dry heat blasting in our house combined with my propensity for dropping the top on my convertible in freezing temperatures (while simultaneously blasting the heat on my legs), my skin was dull, dry and cracking. Add in back-to-back trips to the frozen tundras of Detroit and New York City in February, and it was getting damn near alligator status.

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Heels are no reason to hobble.

LoboutinI am an experimenter of lip color, obsessor of skin care, fiddler in braids, novice at smokey eye colors and stubborn as hell when it comes to giving up fashion for function.

For “ladies” like me and the rest of my gal pals, it’s trade show season. If you’re not aware, “trade show season” is code for “do sweet work in cool cities while destroying your diet, sleep schedule and, most importantly, feet. If you’re a moron like me, your feet are swollen and thumping from cramming those bad boys into impractical shoes while standing on concrete for hours. Hell, even if did you wore practical shoes your feet likely hurt too.

After years of this behavior, I finally found a good trick to get me back in shape by dinner/dancing time. Because you visited the blog, I’m gonna share.

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