4 Words That Will Instantly Improve Your Look

A few years ago, I got a massage and 4 words that would forever change the way my outfits looked…but I’ll get there first some background.

badpostureIt kills me to see anyone  standing in the limelight (or any light) sporting bad posture. Maybe because I can picture the elaborate celebrity glam squad it takes to create and execute a red carpet look wincing as their project schlumps for the cameras. Maybe because my day job is in the business of perception and my perception of bad posture is weakness or total lack of confidence.

It’s also possible I admire bold women who stand and walk proudly noting posture as yet another carefully curated detail of their image. goodposture

Either way, bad posture generally leads to looking like shit and taking shitty photos no matter what you’re wearing. When someone designs a piece, they’re using a bust form of someone with perfect posture. No cadet Kelley impressions necessary. Perfect posture means standing how your body was built to stand allowing your spine to curve like an ‘S’.

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Fixated on Stitch Fix

StitchFix 1If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, you are missing out! I have had three “fixes” now, and I am absolutely HOOKED! If you’re not familiar with the concept, Stitch Fix is an online styling service that sends you five hand picked items (typically four pieces of clothing and one accessory) via the mail.

Here’s a quick 101 on how it works:

  1. Click here to go to the Stitch Fix website.
  2. Create a style profile, complete with sizes, preferences, Pinterest Board link and much, much more so your stylist can get to know you.
  3. Pay a $20 styling fee (which gets credited toward your purchase if you keep at least one item from your Fix).
  4. Receive 4 personalized pieces at your door. Try EVERYTHING on – trust me on this one.
  5. Keep what you love and send the rest back in a prepaid post office pack. If you keep at least one item, your $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase. If you keep everything, you get a discount on the whole purchase.
  6. Provide your stylist feedback – the more detailed, the better your next Fix will be.
  7. Rock your new style!

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Unboxing: To Daily Look or Not To Daily Look

Here’s a sentence to make Facebook strategists laugh maniacally: I’m very susceptible to Facebook advertising. From cool boxing programs that deliver beauty products like BirchBox to home food delivery like Plated, I’ve tried quite a few and rarely been disappointed thanks to Facebook boxing advertisement finds.

Recently, I decided to check out Daily Look based on one such ad. As background, Daily Look is a monthly box that ships clothes and accessories tailored to your preferences based upon the results of a style quiz you take when you sign up. You keep (and pay for) what you like then ship back what you don’t. Mine showed up today and here’s what I learned.

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I’m a shoe shopping genius

This past Monday, my dad sent me an email with the subject line “Shoes,” and literally the only thing in the body of the email was:

American women, over their lifetime, spend, on average, $25,000 on shoes.

It’s like his spidey sense told him that I spent WAY too much on shoes last weekend. His spidey sense did not fail him. To my credit, I always aim to be ABOVE average.

But truthfully, I couldn’t help myself. I wandered into the one place I can always count on scoring deals on designer shoes, Nordstrom Rack, with my bonus $$ burning a hole through my purse. And these little pretties were staring back at me:
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Friday Glam: Accessorizing with a cause

Now that I work from home, I rely on Southern Nerd and the Internet more than ever before to continue my (sometimes failed) attempts at fashion.

Recently, one of my dear friends and current executive director of the Kirsten Haglund Foundation recently invited me to a fundraiser with Stella & Dot where all purchases would go toward creating scholarships to support men and women in need of treatment for eating disorders. I’m a sucker for shiny things as it is, but when you add in a great cause developed by a strong woman I’m completely powerless.

Daphne Necklace & Northern NerdEnter today’s find: The Daphne Pearl Necklace by Stella & Dot.  It flirts with the $100 mark ($98)  but between the good cause involved and my unending devotion to  pearls I couldn’t resist.
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