Finally Found: Perfect Curling Mascara

The struggle to find the perfect mascara is real, y’all.

While the nerd up north loves Younique, this nerd is not a fan of fiber mascaras. Fiber mascaras are great if you don’t mind a multistep process, but I can’t stand the experience of flocking my lashes. I tried it once (not Younique – another mascara brand), and I was so disconcerted once I layered on the fibers that I immediately wanted to take them off.

However, my eyes are my favorite feature, so I went on a months-long hunt for the perfect mascara. After trying several, I found what has to be my favorite one ever.

Enter the (relatively new) Benefit Roller Lash.

What I love: this stuff is FOR REAL! It gives me long, separated, curly lashes without having to work too hard…and without having to use an eyelash curler. That last point is huge for me, as I really don’t like the experience of using an eyelash curler. I always feel like I’m damaging my lashes, and to hold my eye open with a giant metal cage over it just isn’t for me.

What I don’t love: There really isn’t anything to NOT love about this mascara. At $24, it is a bit on the pricier side, but Roller Lash is totally worth it. There is a certain technique to putting it on in order to get the ultimate curl, but that was super easy to learn.

And because you pretties are taking the time to read this post, I’m going to share the tip that was given to me.

Mascara Wand Diagram

With most curved brushes, I’ve always used the inside of the curve (the concave part) to try to roll my lashes.

HOWEVER, that’s not how to get the best curl with Benefit’s Roller Lash.


Use these quick and easy application steps to get insane curl:


  1. Roller Lash ApplicationUse the outside of the curve—the apex of the brush—to push your top lashes UP.
  2. Repeat a couple of times in quick succession across the lash line.
  3. Flip the brush around and use the concave part to get a little more separation and volume.
  4. Do the reverse for your bottom lashes.


You’ll have long, beautiful, curly lashes with just a few swipes and NO additional tools needed.


Seeing is believing, so compare for yourself below. That’s all mascara– no lash curler torture.

Seriously, this is the ONLY mascara that I’ll be using when I want INSANE curl (which is pretty much every day).

You can buy Benefit’s Roller Lash on, at Sephora, Ulta and many other retailers who stock premium brands.

So rock out to this new playlist from the GlamNerds while you head to the store to get yourself a tube.


5 thoughts on “Finally Found: Perfect Curling Mascara

  1. Katykoo says:

    ROLLER LASH IS MY HPLY GRAIL!! I’m a benebabe, when I got trained on this mascara I fell completely in love!!! It looks amazing on you! So pretty!! Amazing post honey!! Xoxo


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