4 Words That Will Instantly Improve Your Look

A few years ago, I got a massage and 4 words that would forever change the way my outfits looked…but I’ll get there first some background.

badpostureIt kills me to see anyone  standing in the limelight (or any light) sporting bad posture. Maybe because I can picture the elaborate celebrity glam squad it takes to create and execute a red carpet look wincing as their project schlumps for the cameras. Maybe because my day job is in the business of perception and my perception of bad posture is weakness or total lack of confidence.

It’s also possible I admire bold women who stand and walk proudly noting posture as yet another carefully curated detail of their image. goodposture

Either way, bad posture generally leads to looking like shit and taking shitty photos no matter what you’re wearing. When someone designs a piece, they’re using a bust form of someone with perfect posture. No cadet Kelley impressions necessary. Perfect posture means standing how your body was built to stand allowing your spine to curve like an ‘S’.

And here’s where I change your life with four words to correct your posture and instantly improve any outfit by projecting the confident, beautiful person I know you are:

Boobs out, Butt out.

You just tried it didn’t you? Now walk over to the mirror and check out how good you look. Try it at the fitting room, in the board room. Sitting and standing. The beauty of great posture is it actually strengthens your core. I’m not saying it’ll give you six pack abs, but I am saying you’ll look fantastic.

Like Sir Mix-A-Lot said, “Go ahead, stick it out.”


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