Sound Off: Sephora’s Epic Solution?

sephora-epic-rewards-beauty-insider-sweepstake-event-fail-scamHello beauties! If you’re a loyal customer at Sephora who hoards points like I do, you’re likely aware of the cluster involving the most recent “Epic Rewards” promotion in August. If not, I’ll provide a recap to get you up to speed:

  • Sephora’s “Beauty Insider” reward system where Beauty Insiders can redeem points, normally ranging from 100 – 500 points, for various sample size products and mini sets. On rare occasions, Sephora will offer “Epic Rewards” where the products are INSANE. Usually, these rewards range from 1,000 – 10,000 points.
  • In the few weeks leading up to August 10, 2015, Sephora announced a new round of Epic Rewards, consisting of some seriously awesome goodies (we’re talking things like sets of ALL of Benefit’s “They’re Real” liners and mascaras up to an amazing to Paris to visit Lancome or $500 worth of Make Up Forever products and a training session at the brand’s academy).
  • To get Beauty Insiders to spend even more money leading up to the big day, Sephora offered 2x – 4x times in the week prior. But then, the wheels came off the wagon.

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Review: Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara

Hello lovelies! We have missed writing you, but we’re happy to say that we at least have some good excuses. The lazy days of summer have been anything but for us nerds. Northern nerd has been busy finishing some big projects on her house, and I just bought a house of my own…with a pool! Which brings me to today’s topic: waterproof mascara.

Having a pool in my backyard means that my weekends have been split between running errands for house stuff (it never ends) and hanging in the pool. I don’t always wear much makeup on the weekends, but mascara is always a MUST. Taking my regular stuff off a couple of times a day started taking a toll on my lashes. So, I set out to find a good waterproof mascara that I could put on once and forget.

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Finally Found: Perfect Curling Mascara

The struggle to find the perfect mascara is real, y’all.

While the nerd up north loves Younique, this nerd is not a fan of fiber mascaras. Fiber mascaras are great if you don’t mind a multistep process, but I can’t stand the experience of flocking my lashes. I tried it once (not Younique – another mascara brand), and I was so disconcerted once I layered on the fibers that I immediately wanted to take them off.

However, my eyes are my favorite feature, so I went on a months-long hunt for the perfect mascara. After trying several, I found what has to be my favorite one ever.

Enter the (relatively new) Benefit Roller Lash.

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Ultimate Makeup Brush Storage

For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a dressing table tucked away in a plush boudoir, we have to do all of our getting ready in the bathroom. While mine isn’t grand, it is at least spacious – great counter space and plenty of room for getting dolled up.

However, that means that all of my makeup—and my brushes—are hanging out in there. While I’m not particularly grossed out by bathrooms, the fact of the matter is that every time you flush, particles from the bowl are thrust into the air.

While I love all of the cute ways to store/display makeup brushes, the thought of little poopy particles landing on them, and then me putting THAT on my face IS disgusting. But with a growing collection of brushes, I needed a better way to organize them than throwing them in a drawer.

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Beauty Binge: On the Road Edition

Hey Beauties! Last week the nerds were on the road for our day jobs but came back chock full of travel-friendly beauty tips suitable for business life on the road.

  1. Condense the makeup. Somewhere along the way, makeup regimens can turn intoimg-thing one more product binges and before you know it you’ve got yourself a makeup face covering surprise acne. Those two aren’t unrelated. Here’s what’s in my condensed bag for a guaranteed fresh face that lasts all day:
  2. Rock the red. Nothing dresses up a fresh face for evening events like lengthening your cat eye and a bit of a red lip. Matte finishes tend to last longer and fade less weird. I’m loving Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in NYC.
  3. Erase the blues. One of my colleagues recently treated herself to a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Saumur monogram bag only to have the blue from her jeans rub off on the natural leather. In her fashion emergency, she found and shared with me a beautiful solution: prismacolor magic rub erasers (friend to all sketching fiends) remove the blue quickly without damaging or discoloring the nude leather!
  4. Flush the shine. Cosmetic blotting papers can get pricey and are one more thing to pack. But did you know that the seat covers in public restrooms are made from the same material and have the same results? That’s right you can tell the shine to piss off: tear small pieces from those toilet seat covers and blot your face to zap the shine no matter where you go – for free!
  5. Take it easy on the tresses. In fact, take it easy on yourself. Travel generally means early mornings and late nights, so hit the snooze button a couple more times and stick to simple braids like our favorite crown braid. Always prim, always easy.

Until next time my pretties!

How-To: Fab Braid for Short Hair

It’s taken me a very long time to learn how to do French braids, then I cut my hair short and when gym time rolled around I needed something that could keep my hair out of my eyes and away from my face.

This particular one has gotten so many compliments and questions on how-to’s. So beauties,  I give you a braid so easy and so fast, you can afford to hit the snooze button a couple more times and slay bed head for good.

All you need for this is 2 mini elastics. My favorite is Goody® Ouchless™ Mini Elastics (under $5 at Target for 500).

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4 Words That Will Instantly Improve Your Look

A few years ago, I got a massage and 4 words that would forever change the way my outfits looked…but I’ll get there first some background.

badpostureIt kills me to see anyone  standing in the limelight (or any light) sporting bad posture. Maybe because I can picture the elaborate celebrity glam squad it takes to create and execute a red carpet look wincing as their project schlumps for the cameras. Maybe because my day job is in the business of perception and my perception of bad posture is weakness or total lack of confidence.

It’s also possible I admire bold women who stand and walk proudly noting posture as yet another carefully curated detail of their image. goodposture

Either way, bad posture generally leads to looking like shit and taking shitty photos no matter what you’re wearing. When someone designs a piece, they’re using a bust form of someone with perfect posture. No cadet Kelley impressions necessary. Perfect posture means standing how your body was built to stand allowing your spine to curve like an ‘S’.

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